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    Wednesday | October 14, 2015

    What is a good child protection system? - Katz Ilan | University of New South Wales Sydney Australia

    The role of culture and context in child maltreatment: Perspectives of risk and protection in diverse societies

     Decision Making

    Benbenishty Rami | Decision making in child protection: An international
    comparative study on maltreatment substantiation, risk assessment and
    interventions recommendations, and the role of professionals’ child welfare attitudes in four countries

    Delgado Paulo | Protection system of children and young people at risk: Decisions in a context of risk and uncertainty

    Benbenishty Rami | Child protection decisions to substantiate hospital child protection teams’ reports of suspected maltreatment

    Identifying Children at Risk

    Worley Jody A. | Salient risk factors by type of child maltreatment

    Manor Avital | National mapping of needs among children at risk in Israel: The case of children suffering abuse and neglect

    Weissman Meital | Addressing practice and policy: An innovative taxonomy of children and family needs

    Törmälehto Erna | The hidden world of children: Unrecognized emotions

    Abuse in Cultural Context

    Oznobishin Olga | Parent-child role reversal following immigration and representations of parenting the next generation

    Lander Alvin  and Slonim-Nevo Vered| Integrating forgiveness therapy into healing the wounds of child maltreatment: Utilizing FT within the context of Bedouin-Arab family structure

    Soffer Ruti | Foster care in the Arab population Israel – Unique needs and implications for service

    Practice Challenges and Training Issues

    Barak Adi | The challenge of relationships and fidelity: Home visitors' perspectives

    Rosenthal Ayelet | Prevention and intervention in cases of child maltreatment: Video-based simulation training

    Nehemia Bat El | Community-based child protection training: Strong Communities Initiative

    "We pay a Price for our work!" Insiders’ Perspectives of Professionals Working in Child Abuse

    Davidov Jonathan | Craftsmanship through improvisation: The case of child abuse work

    Eisikovits Zvi | The Social construction of disclosure: The case of child abuse in the Israeli society

    Sigad Laura I. | Toxic knowledge: Between the personal and the professional in childabuse work.

    Goshen - Child Protection as a Public Health Issue

    Oberklaid Frank and Gadasi Hava | A changing role for pediatricians in Israel

    Children's Rights and Children's Participation

    Admon Karen | Putting their voices in focus: Children's participation in research - Strong Communities Initiative

    Alfandari Ravit | Evaluation of a national reform in the Israeli child protection practice designed to improve children’s participation in decision making

    Gal Tali | An ecological model for child participation

    Sexual Abuse

    Massarweh Nadia | The not threatenin g victim: Sexually abused Arab boys in Israel

    Ofir Shoshi and Lang-Franco Nessia | Coping with difficulties in revealing sexual abuseduring a physical examination of 4 Orthodox children by introducing medical clowning

    Tener Dafna and Tarshish Noam | The story of Amnon and Tamar? Sibling sexual abuse

    Amitay Lior | Do adolescent girls perceive transactional sex as a type of abuse and How do they explain this phenomenon?

    Maltreatment in School Context

    Yariv Eliezer | Under what circumstances do teachers offend their pupils?

    Oppenheim-Weller Shani | Children's resilience makes a difference in mitigating stress: Teacher mediated school intervention in Bethlehem

    Child maltreatment and the media: Reflection of the phenomenon and its implications

    Thursday | October 15, 2015

    Multiculturalism and child maltreatment: Challenges and opportunities -  Korbin Jill E. | Department of Anthropology and Schubert Center for Child Studies, Case Western Reserve University

    Disrespect and sexual abuse - Experiences, knowledge and concepts of young people in residential care and foster care  - Andresen Sabine | Social Work and Family Research, Frankfurt University

    Justice for children: When researchers and practitioners come together

    Glicklich Talia | The concepts of Touch, Space and Time as provided by children during their forensic investigations

    Tal Eti | Developmental differences in children’s production of indicators of metacognitive and theory of mind during forensic investigations

    Mordi Hanin | Cultural adaptation of forensic investigations: preliminary results from investigative interviews with Israeli Arab children

    Breitman Michal | Justice for prescoolers

    Risk situations and abuse of children, youth and young  adults with disabilities - characteristics and reflection on policy (Hebrew)

    Klein Yifat | Vulnerable children and youth with disabilities: Unique characteristics, legislative developments and services in Israel

    Gur Dotan Uri | Supportive alternative communication: An innovative program for investigation of children with communication problems

    Children's Rights and Mandatory Reporting

    Kesner John E. | An examination of intentionally false child maltreatment reports made to CPS in the USA from 2005 to 2010

    Agassi Doron | Mandatory reporting: A critical review of the concept and its application

    Mass Mili | Child protection: The political and academia

    Sexual Abuse

    Friedman Lior | Effects of activation style of the aggression behavioral system on sexual arousal: Implications for man-girl interaction.

    Weisbrod Nirit and Possick Chaya | Family therapy for treating sibling incest

    Children in Out-of-Home Services

    Ament Niva | Placement outcomes of Jerusalem foster children born to mothers with a history of substance abuse

    Delgado Paulo | The impact of contact on children and young people in foster care: A reflection on the Portuguese system

    Sorek Yoa | Foster care services in Israel: Findings from a national study

    Neighborhood and community factors related to child maltreatment: Research in three countries

    Spilsbury James; Nadan Yochay; Kaye-Tzadok Avital; Korbin Jill | Neighborhoods and child maltreatment: Conceptual issues and findings from the Israeli and U.S. sites of the three-country study

    Katz Carmit | Neighborhood and community factors related to child maltreatment: Comparative approaches

     Intervention Programs and Practice Issues

    Bar-On Vered | Group attachment-based intervention: A model to prevent a cycle of intergenerational child maltreatment in families that have experienced trauma

    Blasbalg Uri | Responding sensitively to children who are reluctant to disclose abuse: An evaluation of a nationwide training program for forensic interviewers

    Canali Cinzia | About service "maltreatment"

     Intervention Programs and Practice Evaluation Issues

    Reicher Barbara | From exclamation point to question mark: Therapeutic use of narrative with teenagers showing risky sexual behavior

    Chancellor McIntosh Heather | Hope among abused foster children: A therapeutic-based intervention

    Knei-Paz Cigal | ‘Therapeutic interventions with parents’: An effective path for reducing child maltreatment

    Ruhman Naomi | Prevention of abuse: Is trauma-based treatment a cure and can it prevent abuse

    Legislation and Law

    Bregu Enkelejda | Children in street situation: A striking reality for social work practice in Albania

    Piamenta Yehonatan | The criminal process through the eyes of minor victims of sexual assault

    Reichenberg Shiran | Law: A treatment tool or a forcing tool?

    Abuse in Familial Context

    Khoury-Kassabri Mona | Understanding the mediating role of corporal punishment in the association between maternal stress, efficacy, co-parenting and children's adjustment difficulties among Arab mothers

    Bailey Benny | The impact of the gender of an abusive parent on the adult romantic relationships of children exposed to parental violence: A call for complementary research

    Maltreatment in early childhood: Long term impact, prevention and treatment  - Lieberman Alicia | San Francisco General Hospital


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