Programs which are multidisciplinary in nature aim to provide tools for the entire range of professions involved in identification and treatment of child victims of abuse and neglect. The programs are varied in nature, touching  on different aspects of the treatment of child victims, including among other things: Culturally-sensitive  training for therapists; programs for the development of Augmentative and Alternative Communication and for making services accessible to children with disabilities; training on trauma-informed treatment; Programs aimed to prevent abuse and neglect, and developing Child Protection Committees in various communities.  

Addressing the issue of sexual abuse in the Arab sector requires an approach that is different from other sectors, due to the special culturally-linked sensitivity of the Arab society to this subject. Up to 2016, the training programs concentrated on the sexual abuse and treatment of children who were victimized.Read more
Study day for the treatment staff of the new child protection center in Ashkelon
Outdoor Training (O.D.T.) – Workshop for the staff of the Beit Lynn child protection centersRead more
In collaboration with: the Rotenberg Center for Jewish Psychology
November 2016 – January 2017
Read more
Haruv Institute holds diversified Trainings on sexual abuse
in collaboration with : Eitanim Hospital and "Orr Shalom"Read more
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