Conferences and Study Days

The Haruv USA Summit on Child Abuse and Neglect
15-16 May, 2019.Read more
June 2016: Lecture on: Is there "normal trauma"? Historical and international perspectives on the effect of violence on child developmentRead more
April 2016
The War on Child Abuse
Read more
February 2016
Cradle to Prison Pipeline: The preventive value of early education and infant mental healthRead more
November 2015
Myths and Realities: About internet crimes against children
Read more
In collaboration with Haruv-Israel
May 2016
1.The Evaluation of the SafeCare program and its implementation in Israel
2.The Transition to adulthood of children raised in institutional or foster family settings
Read more
Secondary Trauma in Professionals
November 9-11th, 2016Read more
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